When is a community group not a community group?

Take a look at some of the┬árooms used by the community at the former Newland Primary School and then at Matt Jukes letter (in reply to Diana Johnson MP who has been raising concerns we have put to her) below received today concerning Hull City Council’s approach to the sale of the school. These pictures show the rooms being used by the community now but Matt suggests it is not being used by the community. There is not a single expression of concern or acceptance of any possibility that what they have done in selling off the school to private property developers is in any way wrong. Please read between the lines because this is how democracy is NOT working for the Newland Community. The Council and their elected representatives have dismally failed to consult with the public because that is how your assets, which are jointly owned by you are sold. This is all going to get much worse. There will be nothing left. Yet there is plenty of money for what they want in terms of a 3500 seated music venue. They play on words but our children and grandchildren will have nowhere to play. they should be protecting us not blaming us for no one speaking up?







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