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Friday 22
Screaming Tarts presents
The Main Grains
Deadaudiosaints + Fallen Fields
Danny McCormack returns with fellow rock`n`roll hooligans and sonic assassins – guitarists Ben Marsden (ex- Modern day Dukes) and JJ Watt (ex – Spill 16 & Whiskey Haze) along with drummer Ginna Rhodes (ex – Psychobabylon & Phluid) to form THE MAIN GRAINS – quality purveyors of what they refer to as Northern Punk Rock. `Natch a must for all fans of The Wildhearts and The Yo-Yo`s here is a band infused with what rock`n`roll is truly all about – seriously bad-ass riffage, shout and reply choruses with a power pop edge and punk rock energy and attitude. A melting pot of The Ramones, The Wildhearts, Phil Spector, Blondie and full of what so much of todays bands miss out on totally – FUN !!!

While 2016 wasn’t the best of years due to to Danny suffering both an aneurysm and complications following it, which has led to the loss of his lower leg, the band still managed an unannounced debut at the NLC Rocking For The Children event in April, followed by successful shows at the Camden Barfly, and Camden Rocks festival, along with some dates with Ginger Wildheart and Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors in the summer, closing out the year with a great run of shows round the UK with The Wildhearts, and have started the 2017 in the same way, with big things to be announced as we go.

Doors 8 pm

£8 + BF from seetickets and Hull Box Office


Saturday 23

Fractal presents
Space Dimension Controller
Fractal presents the heavy hitting intergalactic time traveller Space Dimension Controller, making his Hull debut.

Having released on Ninja Tune, R&S Records and Clone Records his retro-futurist sound has garnered fans from across the globe (maybe even the galaxy).

If you’re unfamiliar with his boundary-pushing production then we strongly advise you check out his album ‘Orange Melamine’, drawing audio cues from old VHS tapes from Power Rangers to Ghostbusters! Those who are privileged enough to have seen him live will know how much this man can get a crowd going. With intergalactic funk and smutty techno, let SDC take you on a warped trip through time to a place lost somewhere between the funk-filled 80’s and a deep post-apocalyptic future.

Limited to 120 tickets as always to keep you breezy – don’t miss out!

Doors 7:30 pm

£7 + BF from

Sunday 24
The Homesick
The Netherlands best kept secret

If you ever wandered around in the north of the Netherlands and came across a town called Dokkum, you must have been really lucky. Or your GPS was on the fritz. This little town is the home for the youthful trio The Homesick, whose sound plays on pop music. Not the kind with slick beats and audacious vocal effects, but rather the kind that is closer to the Beatles, that was created as an escape from reality and that allows the imagination to let loose. Since the release of their first EP three years ago, when the boys were not yet old enough to order beer, their pop has developed into something more daring, noisy and experimental. Selected Dutch and British media are already hooked, while the band’s debut LP is just about to be released. Something you will definitely feel homesick for.

One not to miss !!

Matinee performance, doors 2 pm.

Sorry, I’ve not been able to get a price for it but I wouldn’t expect it to be more than a fiver.

Monday 25 – Musicians Night. Free entry
Tuesday 26 – Polo + BDRMM + Amber Warren. £3 + Bf from seetickets
Wednesday 27 – Three Day Millionaires + Ragweed + Bloodsport. £4 otd
Thursday 28 – Acid Tongue + The Froot. £4 otd
Friday 29 – Residents Association. £3 otd
Saturday 30 – Pure West Promotions presents David Cronenberg’s Wife + Black Kes + Washing Machine Repair Man. £5 + BF from Hull Box Office

Sunday October 1 – Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton and Stephane Missri + Crooked Weather + Disco4Million. £10 otd / £9 adv from Adelphi & Hull Box Office (+ BF)
Tuesday 3 – Ardent Music Promotions presents AMPlified with Lightspeed Lover + Marx + Rowland. £5 otd / £3 adv from the Ardent website
Wednesday 4 – Under The Influence presents Sløtface + The Waives + The New Republic. £7 + BF from seetickets and Hull Box Office
Friday 6 – Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts. £12 + BF from Hull Box Office
Saturday 7 – Easy Skankin. £3 otd
Sunday 8 – Shilpa Ray. £8 otd
Tuesday 10 – Martha Hill Young Team. £8 otd
Wednesday 11 – Rascalton. £5 + BF from seetickets
Thursday 12 – Bloodhound + Codex + Second Place + Ninth Pine. £3, advance tickets available from all band members
Saturday 14 – Screaming Tarts presents Big Boy Bloater and the Limits. £10 + BF from seetickets
Tuesday 17 – Lankum (ex Lynched) from Dublin. £9 + BF from Hull Box Office
Wednesday 18 – Don Kipper
Thursday 19 – Under The Influence & Dance To The Radio present Fling + Fire (The Unstoppable Force). £5 + BF from seetickets, Hull Box Office and lunatickets
Friday 20 – Cud. £12 + BF from Hull Box Office
Saturday 21 – The Nightingales + Ted Chippington.
Sunday 22 – Under The Influence presents Ben Ottewell (Gomez). £15 + BF from seetickets
Monday 23 – Black Uhuru. £20 + Bf from Hull Box Office
Thursday 26 – Screaming Tarts presents False Advertising. £6 + BF from seetickets
Saturday 28 – Under The Influence presents Itch (King Blues Unplugged) + Louise Distras. £10 + BF from seetickets and Hull Box Office
Sunday 29 – Boss Kitty presents Undo + Adore//Repel + Henrietta Lacks. £4 otd

Wednesday November 1 – Smash It Up presents Dead Frequency + Fallen Idol + Unwired Society. £6 otd
Thursday 2 – We Are Awayke presents Funke And The Two Tone Baby + Rosemary’s Baby + Flora Greysteel
Friday 3 – The Furrow Collective. £12 + BF from Hull Box Office
Friday 10 – Holy Moly & The Crackers
Friday 17 – Under The Influence presents Maia + supports. £7 + BF from seetickets. Rescheduled from April 20, all original tickets remain valid.
Saturday 18 – The Burning Hell. £7 + BF from Hull Box Office
Wednesday 29 – Euros Childs (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci). £12 from Hull Box Office soon

Sunday December 3 – Schwervon! + “DJ Need a Stack” (Bob Nastanovich)
Thursday 14 – Boss Kitty Christmas party