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The Adelphi is now a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. You can support this proud endeavour by becoming a member from the comfort of your armchair! Go to http://www.theadelphi.com/membership and follow the simple instructions.

You can also support us by purchasing Adelphi merchandise from our Tictail shop! There are three new t-shirt designs available, as well as mugs, and the last few copies of the 20th anniversary book: http://adelphiclub.tictail.com/

Here are the listings for the week ahead (courtesy of Wendy Atkinson). For more info on diary events, have a look at the website: www.theadelphi.com

Monday 3
Musicians Night
With guest curator.

Join us for our regular open mic night – a unique hub of experimental creative talent and the perfect place to test new material and share ideas, perfect your sound and meet other musicians.
All sorts of performers are welcome, as always. Whatever your style or standard, whether you are a comic, poet, magician or musician.
Come along and watch some of Hull’s finest and have a go yourself, three songs, poems, readings, rants or dances, the stage is yours.

Please arrive before 9 pm if you would like to play.

Free entry

Tuesday 4
Girl Afraid
The Cartels + Aimèe Duncan
Girl Afraid rise like a phoenix from the ashes of The Waives and half of Rectifier. This is their first ever show, and a chance to hear new songs prior to release so make sure not to miss out!

Doors 8 pm

£4 otd / £2 + BF adv from Hull Box Office

Friday 7
+ The Schoolgirls
Bunkerpop play their last Adelphi show for the year, and Mr Sarel turns 46. Do you need any more reasons to party?

Doors 8 pm

£4 otd

Saturday 8
The Burning Hell
+ Black Kes
Quirky Canadian alt-indie-rockers The Burning Hell with support from Hull’s clown wielding weirdos, Black Kes.

In 2007, Mathias Kom collected some of his many songs and started a band, named after a religious tract handed to him by a wide-eyed zealot in Toronto. Mathias subsequently invited all of his friends to join him in performing these songs about seagulls, shopping malls, and the similarities between love and hurricanes. They’ve played everywhere from the chaos of Glastonbury to the loneliness of the Arctic Circle, popping up in bars, festival tents, living rooms, abandoned bunkers, and a mental asylum in rural France along the way. 
Musically, the lineup and sound of the Burning Hell has been ever-changing, running the gamut from introspective folk to hyperactive rock and roll. This means both that no two Burning Hell records sound alike, and that the band can adapt to its surroundings like a karma of anthropomorphic chameleons, taking the audience on a supermarket-cart ride through hooky, upbeat pop songs, dark ballads about pet euthanasia, and anthems for barbarians, economic conferences, and love. 

“The band is mostly the product of songwriter Mathias Kom, a mischevious, caustic people’s poet with a world view that lets you know the good guys occasionally win. Kom sings what he sees, from truculent kids and their smugly indulgent parents to corrupt corporate greed, to some things he doesn’t: Norse gods and the futility of cults. His half-spoken baritone will appeal to fans of punk vet Jonathan Richman, the music to those of pioneering alt-rockers They Might Be Giants. If that sounds a little too college-rock clever, rest assured that Kom’s music falls on the right side of the indie rails, knowing but always careful to let the listener in on the joke.” – Q Magazine, February ’14

“The wordy songsmith behind Canadian quintet The Burning Hell, Mathias Kom has a dry wit and sharp eye that elevate indie-rock tunes into offbeat storytelling treats.” – Uncut Magazine 

“Even Jesus is going to enjoy this once he finally gets here.” – Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing

Black Kes were among the nominees for best band/artist at this year’s Yorkshire Gig Guide Grassroots Awards. With songs about everything from haunted houses to gout, If Black Kes were a person they would be the bastard love child of Librace and Lonnie Donegan, kept in the attic and made to listen to old Bob Dylan LPs, watching rubbish television and classic movies. A shambling, deformed, six foot man toddler, idiot savant. Monstrously and absurdly entertaining.

Doors 8 pm

£8 + BF from Hull Box Office

Monday 10 – Musicians Night with guest curator. Free entry
Thursday 13 – Nina Harries + The Evil Litter + Sarah Shiels. £7 otd
Friday 14 – Pearl’s Sleigh Ride + Young Jack +Kev La Kat + DJ Brother Funk. £6 + BF from Hull Box Office
Saturday 15 – Private party
Monday 17 – Musicians Night with guest curator. Free entry
Wednesday 19 – To The Strongest farewell show. With Bloodsport + Things Tame. £2 otd
Thursday 20 – Yasmin Coe (with band) Christmas Show + The Avenues + The Cartels. £3 from theadelphi.com – no booking fee
Friday 21 – Pop Party Xmas Special – Life + BDRMM + Finno + Make Noise Djs.SOLD OUT
Saturday 22 – A Very Reggae Christmas. £3 otd, free before 9 pm
Sunday 23 – The death of La Bête Blooms. £5 otd
Christmas Eve – Musicians Night with guest curator. Free entry
Thursday 27 – GST Cardinals + Turismo. £5 + Bf from Hull Box Office (no tickets on the door)
Friday 28 – Bleakhaus presents A Vulgar Christmas with Vulgarians + Cannibal Animal + No Nothings. £5 + BF from Hull Box Office
Monday 31 – NYE party. Details to follow.

4 January – The Annual Adelphi Darts Tournament. £2 to play, free to watch.
Thursday 17 January 2019 – Jack Conman. £6 otd / £4 + BF adv from Skiddle
Saturday 19 – Sonnets + The Froot. £3 otd
Tuesday 29 – Under The Influence presents Sound of the Sirens. £10 + BF from seetickets
Thursday 31 – Rozi Plain.£10 adv from theadelphi.com – no booking fee

Tuesday 5 February – Under The Influence presents Carson McHone. £8 + BF from seetickets
Wednesday 6 – Wrekmeister Harmonies + Fvnerals. £8 from theadelphi.com – no booking fee
Tuesday 12 – Under The Influence presents Beans On Toast. £15 + BF from seetickets
Thursday 28 – Take The Cake presents The Mighty Small + Kenny Barker + James Taylor. £5 + BF from biletto

Saturday 23 March – Screaming Tarts presents Electric Eel Shock. £10 + BF from seetickets

 There are a couple of nights for which nothing is scheduled – keep an eye on the website to see if anything is added during the week: www.theadelphi.com