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Tea Time Talks

Wednesday 11th April 6.30pm – 8.30pm Wilberforce Building. First Floor, Lecture Theatre 2

Weds 11 April

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Provisional Location is Wilberforce Building, First Floor, Lecture Theatre 2.

Dr Amy Skinner,

Lecturer in Drama and Theatre Practice, School of Arts (Drama), University of Hull.

Founder and co-ordinator, Russian Theatre Research Network UK.

Performing Craftivism: Resistant Bodies in Protest Spaces In this paper, I position the craftivist movement as a starting point for framing interactions between performers and spectators within the context of a performance event. Focusing on the act of crafting, rather than on the crafted product, I theorise crafting or hand-making as essentially theatrical acts: experiences of embodied storytelling carried out by the maker through the agency of an object. As the maker interacts with the craft materials, a tangible change occurs in their nature; as such, crafting is an inherently change-focused and potentially political act.


Drawing examples from craftivist interventions carried out in different settings, including my own production of Zodwa Nyoni’s new work Weathered Estates (February – March 2017), which was performed as part of the University’s City of Culture Programme, this paper ultimately wishes to explore the potential of embodied craftivist interventions in an increasingly populist context, and how their inclusion in a performance setting can spark a new dialogue between performer, spectator and space.

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