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I live in Hull, a small city on the East Coast of Yorkshire, which enjoys an amazing range of home grown musicians, poets and artists. My photography is mostly about the musicians who play at The New Adelphi Club such as Kate Stables from This is the Kit in the photo above. People who visit the club become part of the family who are sure of a warm welcome any night of the year. Like Hull itself the club welcomes people from far and wide and enables them together to enjoy good music in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The New Adelphi Club has just celebrated its 31st birthday under the careful stewardship of Paul Jackson whose vision has created a friendly, welcoming, and intimate venue. In turn this helps to nurture and support a vibrant live music scene in which local musicians and artists can develop. Both absolute beginners and seasoned artists are sure of excellent support from Paul, Jim (sound) and Chris (lighting) who work  together to ensure they look and sound their best. The bar staff are legendary and very much a part of the club. They continue to ensure its position as one of the best small venues for live music in the UK and it goes without saying that the beer is excellent.

Many of the small music venues across the UK have closed and even the New Adelphi Club is under a constant similar threat. I sincerely hope that such a fate will not befall this amazing club and hope in some small way to help document its continued success and help ensure it continues to perform its vital role in the life of the city.

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I also help run a small charity involved in medical education which was established in 1889 but had it’s roots during the time of the Cholera Epidemics in the early 19th Century.

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